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New Website!

11.02.2006 / By SOG Marketing / In Press Release, SOG News

The Marketing Department here at SOG is pleased to introduce a re-envisioning of the SOG brand in our website. Along with this new look and feel, you'll notice some exciting new changes; Most paramount among them being the grand-opening of the SOG online store! Now buying SOG is even more quick and convenient - Check out the Products Page and see for yourself!

You'll also notice a new system of navigation - Gone is the old system; we've replaced it with easy-to-use drop down menus, side tabs along the left side of select pages, and universal bottom navigation for quick access to the most searched pages.

Even with the new look, we realize that we're not perfect... but we'd sure love to get close! So feedback on the new look and feel is greatly appreciated; just head on over to our Contact section and tell us what you think!

Finally, during the coming weeks and months, even more exclusive content will be implemented throughout the site. Fell free to check back from time to time for new updates right here in the blog. And who knows... you may just get a sneak peak of some of the new products in development!

SOG Marketing Department


  • Richard - 11 . 20 . 2006

    The website looks great. Loads fast, not too flashy and the overall feel suits what I would expect and want to see from a company in this type of industry. Only minor suggestion is try different colors instead of the white/light gray on black text in this blog section. I just purchased an SOG blade to carry on my hiking/camping trips and I am pretty eagared to see if SOG blades live up to it's legendary quality.

  • Richard - 11 . 20 . 2006

    Sorry, I take that back. After spending time reading a lot of the content on the website, many of text seems to make the eyes (my eyes at least) feel uneasy. This of course may cause many users to leave your site. Which would suck of course because there is a pretty good amount of content here so far.

  • SOG Administrator - 11 . 22 . 2006


    Congrats on your new knife purchase and thanks for you comments about the website. One of the really good things about web sites is that they have the possibility to be easily changed and modified. So over the next couple months we will be refining the content and look of the web site to make for a better user experience.

    Be sure to check back for new content and refinements to the current look.

    SOG Marketing