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A Nice Day Fishing

10.28.2010 / By SOG Marketing / In SOG User, Fixed

Every so often a SOG user will send in some pictures of their knife things that they use their knife for. Ben was kind enough to send some pictures recently and a some info on them. It sounds like Ben really likes his SEAL Pup Elite and has found some good uses for it.

My name is Ben and these are pictures of my catch after a day of fishing out on the Skagit River in Mount Vernon Washington. There were 3 Silver Salmon and one Trout. My Seal Pup is both my hunting and fishing knife, it guts any fish like it's nothing. My pup has been through a lot and still works perfectly; it has been dropped, submerged, frozen in the mountains, and has helped start many fires, I don't even need a hatchet, I use my seal pup and a rock to chop most of my wood.