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Aegis Review

09.08.2009 / By SOG Marketing / In review, Folding, SOG News

Just came across a great review of the Aegis knife on Woods Monkey. They did a great job of explaining the features and benefits of knife and they actually used the knife.

These guys seem to know what they are talking about and they liked the Aegis. If you get a chance read the review and check out the rest of their site. There is some good information on there.


  • Paul Wan - 09 . 29 . 2009

    Hi Great folks at SOG,

    Love the feel of these knife AEGIS, will you be considering in producing a model using the arc lock system instead of spring assisted opening, I have other arc lock knives such as ACCESS, VULCAN TANTO both the large one and the mini as well as XRAY VISION MINI - Just love that system...hope that it could be on the AEGIS too, the reason why I did not buy the AEGIS is because it is illegal to own any spring assisted knives in Singapore, the dealer has got to remove all the springs in them and that "spoils" the characteristics of the beautiful knife totally, its a shame.

    Kind regards
    Paul Wan

  • Knives and Tools - 10 . 26 . 2009

    I second the Arc Lock Aegis idea!