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07.12.2007 / By SOG Marketing / In New Products, Folding, SOG News

So I guess I have let the most recent teaser post sit long enough and let suspense build. I read though all the guesses and most people were close to being correct.
SOG Knife

Mr Skillz was the first person with the closest answer:

Well, the handle is definitely the same as the X-ray Vision's.I'm guessing its a new blade shape, possibly a drop point or spear point, but built on the foundation of the X-ray Vision. It could just be a new tweaked design of the X-ray Vision, with a higher grind, shortened swedge grind, and a plain edge ti-ni coated blade.

And for his extremely close guess he gets a prize. I'll be sending a micron to him this week.

The actual answer is below

It is a new knife that we will are introducing for Fall/Holiday shipping called the Visionary I & II. There will be two size one the size of the X-Ray Vision and one the size of the Mini X-Ray Vision. Check out the product pages for the knives for more images and let us know what you think.

Visionary I

Visionary II


  • ove - 07 . 13 . 2007

    congratulation to Mr Skillz :) Cute reward

  • MrSkillz - 07 . 23 . 2007

    I got my reward in the mail the other day :)
    It's quite a nice little knife and it went straight on my key chain.
    Thanks again to Chris for this nice little giveaway