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Change a Pocket Clip

07.09.2009 / By SOG Marketing / In How to, Folding

Have you ever wondered what tool you need to change the pocket clip on your SOG folding knife? Well we have the just put that information on the SOG website. Check out this link and if you have any questions please let us know.



  • Wesley Burns - 07 . 19 . 2009

    is there a left handed pocket clip available for the Twitch 2?

  • SOG Administrator - 07 . 19 . 2009

    At this point there is not a left hand pocket clip available for the Twitch II. It is one of the dew knives that we have that does not have a left hand pocket option.

  • Jim Jorgensen - 06 . 08 . 2016

    What tools needed, and how to replace pocket clip on sog escape folding knife?

  • Martin Misciagna - 12 . 16 . 2016

    I have an Aegis and am left handed. Is it possible to switch the clip for left hand carry?