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August 18, 2009
SOG Administrator

Change SOG Pocket Clip

Posted by SOG Administrator

In our ever continuing quest to provide more and more information on the SOG website we have added two new videos on how to change/replace the pocket clip on a couple of our knives. These videos are specifically for the Twitch XL and Spec Elite/Pentagon Elite but apply to more models.

The Twitch XL also applies to the Flash I & II, Trident, Aegis, X-Ray Vision, Mini X-Ray Vision, Visionary I & II, and Vulcans. The tools needed to remove the clip screw is different on some of these modles so please refer to the handy chart we have created here.

The Pentagon Elite and Spec Elite are a little different than most of our other knives in that they have three fasteners that need to be removed in order to replace or change the clip. Also, you will need two different drivers a Torx 10 and small Phillips.

We hope this helps out and if you have more questions let us know.

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  • Tom Carfrey
    Tom Carfrey May 25, 2015

    Where are the videos located? I have a damaged Flash II clip that needs to be replaced but am lost on how to replace. Thanks.

  • #TakePoint
    #TakePoint May 26, 2015