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Chantrelle Mushrooms

11.07.2007 / By SOG Marketing / In Photos, SOG User, How to, Folding

One of the things I like about living in Washington is the great diversity of environments here. We have rain forest, wetlands, high desert, mountains with glaciers, and much more. I also like to get out from time to time and explore the wilderness in the area. Recently I friend of mine got the bug to figure out how to forage for chantrelle mushrooms. I know it sounds weird to go searching in the woods for mushrooms but it was quite fun.


This is a picture of the basket of mushrooms at the beginning of the day. We ended up getting a little over a pound of mushrooms and made a great dinner that night. We got a little skunked this time mostly because someone had been through the area the day before. We found tracks and some cut mushroom that had been dropped. On previous trips in the same area my friend had found upwards of 7 pounds of them.

I would highly recommend that if you get the chance to go out and forage for some chantrelle mushroom. For more information check out the following resources

Wild Harvest
Chantrelle on Wikipedia
The Forager Press