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Counterfeit SOG knives

10.26.2011 / By SOG Marketing / In SOG News

We have been noticing a large number of counterfeit SOG knives appearing on eBay lately. The images below are of some of the ones that keep popping up. If you see one of these knives f you see one of these knives we advise you not to buy it as it is not a genuine SOG product and you will be disappointed with the quality of the knife.

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you are suspicious of a knife that is really cheap and ships from China, it is most likely a counterfeit knife and you should take caution when purchasing


  • Mike Bottego - 10 . 08 . 2014

    There is a seller on ebay- yourpopularworl who is selling counterfeit knives. When I bid on this knife, i thoight it was a genuine SOG until I received it on the mail. I hope your company can do something. Thank you.
    Mike Bottego

  • lchan - 10 . 13 . 2014

    Thanks, Mike. We are working on it. It's a never ending battle.

  • Andreas - 12 . 29 . 2014


  • Bob - 01 . 26 . 2015

    I would think a 10 minute phone call between Fred Keller and John Donahoe would go a long way in stopping the flood of counterfeit, SOG knives that are polluting the US from China via eBay. On any given day, there are thousands of them listed.

  • #TakePoint - 01 . 26 . 2015

    You got their number?

  • Bob - 01 . 27 . 2015

    Yes, I have his contact information but as a professional courtesy, I won't post it. If you wish to send me an email, I'd be happy to share it with you.

  • Jason Kuehn - 06 . 30 . 2015

    This bastard is selling fakes: Ssastore
    That sh&$ pisses me off!!

  • John Lund - 11 . 25 . 2015

    I bought one and didn't pay attention to all the clues (my fault), so 34 days later from China through the Netherlands I became the owner of a counterfeit. It's not one of the ones pictures but fake none the less. I'll put the real on on my Christmas list.