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Custom Engraved Tomcat 3.0

12.04.2008 / By SOG Marketing / In Engraving, Photos, Knife Info, Folding

We were experimenting with the laser engraver the other day and did this the other day on the bolster of the Tomcat 3.0.

Custom Engraving

What do you think? if you have any ideas post them below.


  • Chris Shoemaker - 12 . 04 . 2008

    Cool concept. Maybe start with some limited editions engraved for branches of the US Armed Forces?
    It's been done before, but you can't honor our servicemen and women too much. It would be a heck of a gift for a solider to come home to.

  • SOG Administrator - 12 . 05 . 2008

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Angela - 01 . 17 . 2009

    Nice..... What about custom engraving ?

  • SOG Administrator - 01 . 21 . 2009

    We can do it you just need to have black and white artwork and get in touch with our consumer services department. They can be reached at or 425-771-6230 x240