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Customized SOG Arcitech

02.09.2009 / By SOG Marketing / In Custom, Photos, SOG User, Folding

We receive email from time to time about customers that have customized their knives. Some of these are really stand out and here is one that I want to share.

This is Chris's Arcitech that he asked his good friend David at Stone Art Custom Knives to do some work on. He was kind enough to send over some images and information on the knife. Read more to see the story.

This is directly from the owner:

I am a big fan of David's work because it will last a lifetime and then some. There are a lot of custom knife makers that cut corners on their products and the consumers by offering handles with recon or synthetic materials. Although I have no problem with this as a practice, sometimes consumers do not know exactly what they are getting. With David you know that you are going to get a handle on your knife that is 100% the real deal as God made it. Even with the extra cost associated with using the finest materials available David offers his knives at great prices. On top of this David doesn't make his knives to be on a shelf but something to be carried in your pocket. It's a testimony to the durability of the materials he uses. Going a step further you get to work with one of the finest people on the planet when you get to work with David.

I loved the SOG Arcitech from the moment I first saw it and it was fine the way it was out of the box. However, I was interested in how a knife that is the quality of the SOG Arcitech would look leaving the hands of David Baker. I currently have gold and blue tiger eye handled knives and it made sense to get one in the red tiger eye. The only other plan was to remove the pocket clip and to make the pins hidden to fully appreciate all of the stone work. During the process David said he had an idea for the knife and would go back to the original plans if I was not completely satisfied. Although I had no clue what he was doing I was more than willing to trust him. After all, it's one thing to have a custom knife from someone. It is another thing in my opinion to have the artist go the extra mile in displaying their creativity. I am more than pleased. It was already a perfect knife. David, however, was able to take it to another level. Knives like these become instant heirlooms when David is finished with them. It is also nice knowing that this is the only SOG Arcitech in the world like this one. It's not a 1/25, 1/50 or 1/100. It's a 1/1.

Here are a few words from David the craftsman of this stunning knife. If you want more information on David he can be contacted through his website at

I use only 100% all natural Gemstone on all the knives I work on. I was very interested in getting the opportunity to work on the SOG when Chris brought it up. It is a very well built knife indeed and one of the finest I have had the pleasure to work on. I look forward to more projects involving your fine knives. I have used a lot of top name knives over the years but truthfully can not say I have worked on any nicer.


  • David Baker - 02 . 09 . 2009

    Thank You for posting the pictures and statement pertaining to my work on the SOG. If anyone there is interested in having one made for them in any Natural Gemstone I would be happy to build one for them. I would also be willing to post a link from my website to yours if you would like. Mybe a Presidential model would be nice?

    Thank You,
    David Baker
    Stone Art Custom Knives


  • Firen Skyshadow - 02 . 09 . 2009

    I am Firen Skyshadow, founder of SharpFans Family Knife Collectors Club. Both David Baker and Chris are members of our Club and both have made outstanding contributions to it. Davids work speaks for its self, and he and his wife are fine people and good friends to have. SharpFans is lucky to have David as a member and we give Stoneart Custom Knives our heartfelt full endorsement. In our collective opinion, you cannot buy a finer made gemstone handled knife. Let me add that the feedback from our members who have done business with David has been overwhelmingly positive and everyone say's what a pleasure it is to work with him.

    Firen Skyshadow

  • Chris Shoemaker - 02 . 09 . 2009

    Wow. That's one of the most amazing custom jobs I've ever seen.
    It just all works--perfectly. David, you have amazing artistic vision.

  • Phil Brim - 02 . 09 . 2009

    This is truly a unique knife, if you have been involved in the building of custom knives or guns, only then can you fully appreciate the fine craftsmanship involved.

  • Frank Stennett - 02 . 09 . 2009

    I emailed David one time. He sure is a pleasant fella and his knife art work is beautiful. I've just got to save my money to get one of his knives which are reasonably priced. Frank

  • Kevin Fisher - 02 . 10 . 2009

    I hove 2 of David Bakers custom knives. Two 25th anniversary Remington Bullet Trappers. His work is the best I got in my collection. If you have ever owned a Stone handled knife you will understand. It is a whole different world. The quality and weight make it a whole different world. If you love true custom knives and not just the custom recon ( imitation). He is the man to talk to. Never had a custom knife man that was so concerned about you loving his product. He will bend over backwards to make sure it is what you want.
    Kevin Fisher

  • Ray Stovall - 02 . 13 . 2009

    We have 3 knives David has customized so far and have just sent off another. His work is not just good, it is PERFECT. I have never seen any other knives equally beautiful, sturdy..just incredible. Words cannot describe how nice the knives are (although these pictures are excellent) You just need to hold one of these knives to truly appreciate.
    Ray and Julia Stovall

  • Gerber Knives - 03 . 14 . 2009

    Very cool knife! Sorry I missed the show. I'll be there next year.

  • Chris - 03 . 28 . 2009

    Greetings, hope all is well. Since getting the Arcitech completed by David I have had the great pleasure of holding two more of his custom knives in my hands. The most recent is a very special piece consisting of black jasper, red tiger eye, blue tiger eye, and gold tiger eye. It is special not only because David created it, but because he let me work with him on the design concept.

    David's humility is evident in that fact that many of the knives he creates are not on his sight for others to see. However, many of David's works not on his site are currently being featured on the forum for the American Knife Collectors Club. To find the forum, please visit and click the link for the forum. Considering that David is also a founding board member for the club, he is always around to interact with. For those of you who have had the pleasure of communicating with him you know how special it is.

  • Mike - 05 . 11 . 2009

    I love custom work! It's amazing the creativity that is out there! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Tactical Knife Outfitter

  • Vintage Stag Knives - 05 . 17 . 2009

    Very nicely done.