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Did you know all SOG Products have a Lifetime Warranty?

06.02.2014 / By #TakePoint / In SOG Info, Warranty

Every time you purchase a SOG, the product is backed by a lifetime warranty. This protects the product from any potential defects that can hinder the product from performing as expected. If you are unsure what to do if something happened to your knife or tool, contact our warranty department anyways. They can point you in the right direction.

Like oil changes for a car, sharpening your knife is necessary if it is being used enough. Where you take your knife to get sharpened is entirely up to you, we recommend using a reputable knife shop or sending it in to us.

For instructions on warranty claims, please visit or send your product in with our warranty form.


  • Ryan - 01 . 18 . 2015

    so, while chopping some twigs and small branches down with my machete, i noticed there was a bend in the blade both warping the edge itself and along the length of the blade. i only noticed the following morning though. it was dark and i needed kindling for firewood. is the warranty limitless? or does it only cover manufacturer defects like broken out of the box? i bought the machete in a combo with a tomahawk. the tomahawk is working perfectly, i love it, if i were to take the machete back, would i have to take the tomahawk too since i bought them in the same package?

  • Christian W Hubbard - 08 . 19 . 2015

    I bought three sog throwing knives. Black sog carved through the handles. Ive used them three times. The third time i used then throwing in a soft target. Two of the blades chipped. I would like a replacement set.

  • tim sports - 10 . 06 . 2015

    i bought an sog contractor ...6 mos use and
    blade lock falls out and blade just swings free.
    how do i replace???

  • Robert garcia - 10 . 31 . 2015

    Broken blade release

  • Mark Carlson - 08 . 02 . 2016

    I have a SOG Access Card 2.0 that I love and use a lot. I have never abused it or used it as a pry tool. etc. I respect tools and use them only for tasks they were designed for. My access card is one of my favorite EDC utility knives. I have noticed increased side to side play and it is no longer centered when closed. It opens easily but does not fall open. I have no idea how to tighten the pivot pin and have not attempted this. Please suggest a solution.

  • Kevin Dinger - 08 . 27 . 2016

    I have a SOG Twitch XL, my rosewood handle broke. Is it possible to get new ones.

  • Tim.H - 09 . 17 . 2016

    Trident elite has been my favorite folder I own.after about a year of off and on use at work the blade will not lock open or close.have sent the knife priority mail to warranty dept.I own several sog knives a multi tool and a edc bag I use for medical supplies that I keep in company truck in case someone gets a loyal customer please help me with either new knife or fixing my elite.thank you

  • Hrnry Boller - 10 . 24 . 2016

    I have an SOG Blink with a broken assisted opening spring. I had 2 of these knives but lost one. Is replacement of the spring covered under the Limited Lifetime warranty? This is my favorite edc knife and I miss using it. Thanks

  • richard okrent - 11 . 02 . 2016

    My sog black backpack strap breoke so now I cannot use it as the main strap that supports my right shoulder has broken. The plastic connector snapped in half. Can it be fixed? is it coverd by warranty Thanks Richard Okrent Lynnwood WA

  • #TakePoint - 11 . 03 . 2016

    Email us at

  • Rick Johnson - 11 . 27 . 2016

    Hello, The pocket clip and a small piece of the handle broke off the knife while it was in my pocket when I was working under my vehicle. I carry this knife everyday and would like to get it fixed asap. Thank you

  • #TakePoint - 12 . 02 . 2016

  • Eddie Ponder - 12 . 18 . 2016

    I bought the SOG Force in 2013 and just wanted to let you know that is the best knife I have ever had. I use it on all my backpacking trips up in the North Cascades. Again, thanks for such an awesome product.

  • Used my SOG Multi tool Phillips head screwdriver to turn a Phillips head screw and it snapped off - 02 . 20 . 2017

    Use my salt multi tool to turn a Phillips head screw and it snapped off