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Found SOG Knife

08.05.2009 / By SOG Marketing / In SOG User, Folding

We received this email last week, about a SOG customer that had lost his knife in a lake and then found it several years later. He is sending it in for repair and will be a happy SOG user again shortly.

Dear SOG knives,

I hope you find my story interesting. Attached are pictures of my SOG Trident Tigerstripe knife given to me by my father several years ago. At first glance, its easy to notice the poor condition the knife is in. However, in this case the condition of the knife should not be considered poor, but a testament to the excellent quality of your knives. Here's the story.

4 years ago I was fishing Medina Lake just outside San Antonio, TX. when I dropped my knife in 35 feet of water. Knowing I would never see my knife again, I naturally was upset because of the sentimental value, not to mention loosing a damn good knife.

Flash to Saturday, August 01, 2009. My wife, step daughter, and I decide to take our labs out to Medina Lake for a swim. The lake is at a all time low and has dropped 41 feet. As we walked down the steep rocky slope of the bank to the waters edge, I commented on a former productive rock ledges I frequently fished and how we now would be under 30-35 feet of water. The thought of this being the location of where I dropped my knife years earlier never entered my mind until I looked down at my feet only to see the knife in the picture. That's when it came back to me. This has to be my knife. There is no way to tell 100% but the odds of two fishermen, loosing a Sog Trident knife with a tigerstripe blade in the same place is not very likely.

Hats off to the quality of your knives. Other then surface algae and rust on the blade and hinge, the only  mechanical defect after 4 years under 35 feet of water is, the blade will not lock. If the quality of your repair and warranty matches that of your knives, I'm sure that will not be a problem for long.

Thanks again from all of us who spent our time outdoors, and depend on quality products. Sog knives are indeed a high quality product, worth recommending to others. Keep it up.