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Hunter Revolver Review

01.07.2008 / By SOG Marketing / In Contest, SOG User, Fixed, SOG News

I have been in contact with the folks behind Lifesong Wilderness Adventures over the past year or so. Celeste who works with Mark the founder of Lifesong and is a Fish and Wildlife Biologist field researcher just posted a great review of the Hunter Revolver.You should go over to their site and check it out. But here is one of the better quotes from it.

Needless to say before the the first day was done, I had numerous individuals hovering 'round' me wanting a better look at that "KNIFE". At that point it became clear to me, I had a very useful knife that made my work much more pleasant and comfortable. Also, I best keep it close or it may make some other biologist's day better. No thieves, just intelligent people who appreciate good equipment.

Also, while you are at it you might as well enter to win a free class from Lifesong. They are running a contest right now and one lucky person will win free tuition to the May 18th- 23rd class.

Inspired by our consulting work with Bear Grylls and Man Vs Wild, plus our own personal adventures in the wild, we created a 6 day extreme challenge course to match the adventure and excitement, for YOU.

If you thrive on personal challenges and enjoy adrenalin adventure, you're going to love The Edge. Six intense days of wilderness survival training prepares each participant for a solo, two day, overnight adventure during camp.

Carrying only a knife, flint, canteen/cup and the clothes on your back, like Bear does during Man vs. Wild, (less the camera crew), you will face the adventure with only the skills and knowledge you gain during camp.

We're not going to give away exactly what's in store for you during THE EDGE, but suffice to say, it will be a challenging, exciting, and most of all, an exclusive personal adventure you won't soon forget.

We're so excited about offering this camp that we're going to give ONE lucky person the opportunity to win a FREE EDGE ADVENTURE!

Tell us, in 500 to 1000 words, why you want to take this camp, and why The Edge experience will enhance your life.

The winner will attend The Edge Camp May 18-23, 2008 tuition FREE.

So get your writing skills focused and enter to win. But there is one more thing. I will be throwing in a knife to the winner. I have not decided which knife yet but it will be nice one.


  • Robbie Roberson - 01 . 08 . 2008

    Dear Celeste at Lifesong Wilderness Adventures ,

    thank you so much for your detailed review of the SOG Hunter Revolver knife.

    After four years of use in the woods, my Hunter Revolver has never failed to do what I ask of it.

    My sincere best wishes to you, Mark Wienert jr., and your team at Lifesong Wilderness Adventures.


    Robbie Roberson.
    Inventor of the SOG SEAL Revolver knife.
    How the Revolver began:

    Special note :To Chris Cashbaugh, thanks so much for all the hard work you and your team has put in to the Revolver series of knives.

    Robbie Roberson.