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Kikuo Matsuda Knife Information

07.09.2007 / By SOG Marketing / In New Products, Fixed, SOG News

Mr. Matsuda is one of the foremost hand grinders in the world and resides in Gifu, Japan. Always pushing the envelope, he has conjured up some of the most unusual grinds that incorporate hollow, flat, and convex shapes......all in one knife. Spencer and Kikuo collaborated to produce an interpretation of both of their design styles. Kikuo was asked to interpret SOGs design philosophy. SOG was challenged to utilize Kikuo's skill in a novel way. We think the marriage of ideas has produced something truly unique.

More info on Kikuo and his knives

SOG Kiku Knife

We have coined the name 'reverse collaboration'. This is where a manufacturer works closely with a custom maker to create a collaboration of ideas. The custom maker actually makes the knife for the manufacturer. In our case the knife is limited to 50 pcs. By using the manufactuers brand and tapping into its distribution, the custom maker reaches a larger audience. This allows him greater sales and name recognition. For the manufacturer, the relationship also can expand the visibility of its core products by generating interest and publicity (and maybe winning a Blade magazine award). There is also an advantage in developing new technology or ideas in working with the custom maker. Lastly, if successful, the knife can evolve to the standard collaboration, where the manufacturer produces the combined design in volume and at a significantly lower price.