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October 25, 2006
SOG Marketing

Knife Sharpening

Posted by SOG Marketing

Just came across an article on Instructables about how to sharpen a knife. Most of the images relate to kitchen knives and not outdoor style knives but the information is still useful. So give it quick read if you are curious about how to sharpen knives. I actually don't worry about that too much as I have the advantage of using our warranty department to sharpen my knives.

Remember a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife.

How to


  • Riley
    Riley February 17, 2015

    Love the detail article on how to sharpen a knife. The Bog Man video was new to me. Thanks!

  • Harshit Gupta
    Harshit Gupta March 27, 2015

    Thanks for sharing this article on how to sharpen a knife with knife sharpener.

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