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July 10, 2009
SOG Marketing

Looking to get 100 followers, ...

Posted by SOG Marketing

Looking to get 100 followers, when we get there look for a surprise

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  • John Garlock
    John Garlock July 11, 2009

    Based on what I know about the product and company (as well as the people working there), you got a follower....

  • Thierry
    Thierry July 14, 2009

    You got a second one, as well as a fan on facebook

    98 to find :(

  • John Breen
    John Breen July 16, 2009

    Why not? Looks like this might take awhile.

  • James
    James July 16, 2009

    What for?.... I have two SOG knives and I love them!

  • SOG Administrator
    SOG Administrator July 16, 2009

    I think it can be done. Just need everyone to tell their friends. Also, once we get to 100 followers I'll announce a special to our followers on twitter.

  • Wesley Burns
    Wesley Burns July 19, 2009

    6th follower

  • Wesley Burns
    Wesley Burns July 19, 2009

    i think sog is an excellent brand

  • Yitzchak Ernst
    Yitzchak Ernst July 19, 2009

    I'm a big follower in Israel. We know quality. We trust SOG Specialty. SOG multi-tools are a must for the I.D.F. Count me in. Continued success and shalom.

  • RBasil
    RBasil July 19, 2009

    The SOG knives is best for me and my family. We llike it's quality and usability. I'm using my knives and multitool every day. One of it's always in my pocket. Right now I have SOG Visionary in my pocket and SOG PowerAssist on my belt.
    Now my son has hiking to Kareliya and at it on belt SOG NWRanger. The daughter has trip to the Far East and at it with itself SOG Meridian. So I can tell that all my family uses knifes SOG

  • Dave
    Dave July 21, 2009

    61st follower!

  • Ben T
    Ben T July 21, 2009

    Here's another follower!

  • Indy S
    Indy S July 24, 2009

    Got another follower! SOG knives are great quality and offer superior performance.

  • novichok
    novichok July 28, 2009


  • David Shelton
    David Shelton August 15, 2009

    SOG knives are GREAT

  • balla006
    balla006 August 15, 2009

    I'm in

  • Joel R Gorniak
    Joel R Gorniak August 15, 2009

    just bought my first one (twitch 2) now im looking for my second

  • nick
    nick August 16, 2009

    Absolutely the best knives ever made. Great service and warranty makes a combo impossible to beat.

  • Trevor
    Trevor August 18, 2009

    Here's another... I love my Seal PUP!!! and can't wait to get my trident!

  • Jack  C. Ivy
    Jack C. Ivy August 20, 2009

    My first was a Seal Pup. Next one will be a Vulcan or Mini Vulcan Tanto.

  • Doug Ladore
    Doug Ladore August 22, 2009

    My SOG Collection is growing: Seal Pup, Trident, Vision. The best knives I have ever owned. A definite preference for Navy Seal equipment.

  • Greg Tacker
    Greg Tacker August 23, 2009

    I own several SOG knives and tools. Quite plainly, your products rock!

  • C.T.P.
    C.T.P. August 24, 2009

    Good stuff, you got one.

  • Lathan
    Lathan August 25, 2009

    Hell, I'm in.
    I use my EDC for actual EVERYDAY carry. SOG Flash II

  • Tyler Littleton
    Tyler Littleton June 15, 2010

    You've got a follower out of me.

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