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Mike Stemple Endurance Runner

08.20.2009 / By SOG Marketing / In SOG News

SOG has recently partnered with Mike Stemple, a long distance endurance runner. We are happy to provide him with gear for his adventures. Below is a little info about Mike Stemple and why he carries SOG knife with him. We are working on a short Q&A about why he does what he does and will post it in a few days. If you want to find more info or to follow his journey visit his blog at

SOG Story:
As an adventure runner who crosses deserts my gear choices are extremely important. We have to carry everything (except extra water & a tent) in our pack to survive a week in some of the most difficult environments on the Earth. I weigh every piece of gear, scrutinize the technical specs, and test each item for maximum effectiveness. My gear choices at best could decide how well I finish, while at worst could cost me my life. Everything I carry has to be the absolute best, my life depends on it.

That is why I carry a SOG Flash I Black TiNi. I was first exposed to SOG as a Combat Medic in the US Army Medical Corps. Being a medic requires you to cut numerous things throughout your long days and nights. Whether it was IV tubing or the top of my MRE, my SOG was indispensable gear. When I decided to become an adventure runner it was an easy choice to choose SOG as part of my "required race kit". I chose the SOG Flash I Black TiNi for its size to weight ratio, as everything I carry has to be LIGHT! The Flash I also has a feature that is very important when you are tired at the end of the day and have to cut a 1.5 liter bottle in half to make a cooking cup for your dinner, SOG Assisted Technology. With just one hand and a little push of my thumb outward the cryogenic heat-treated blade snaps open, ready to cut not only my dinner bottle in half but after a quick wipe from a alcohol pad I use it to slice open the ½ dozen or so blisters that form throughout the day. My SOG ranks in the top 5 pieces of required gear, just behind my shoes, cloths, hat, and sunglasses. Thanks SOG for making a great knife.

-Mike Stemple




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