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Mini X-Ray Vision Saves the Day

08.16.2007 / By SOG Marketing / In SOG User, Folding, SOG News

Received this nice story from a SOG user recently. It speaks to the benefits of having a quick access blade on you at all times.

I just wanted to let you know that I am a very proud owner of several of your knives. I also want you to know how one of your products came in handy in preventing some serious bodily injury for a parade participant during my vacation last week. While attending a Fourth of July parade in northern lower Michigan, I happened to be carrying my SOG Mini X-ray Vision. My family and I were viewing from near the staging/starting area. The parade is quite a quirky and fun exhibit of silliness, so there was a lot of unchoreographed behavior by the entrants. One of the entries was a group of clownishly dressed people following a minivan which had loudspeakers mounted to the roof and cans trailing behind attached with what turned out to be very sturdy nylon cord. As the group was awaiting their turn to step off, some of the clowns were walking around acting goofy and one became entangled in the cord. He didn't realize that the cans had wrapped around his ankle and flipped back over the cord. He was standing there shaking his foot as the minivan driver began moving forward. Due to the loudspeakers and other noise, the driver was unable to hear the shouts of those witnessing it telling him to stop. I quickly covered the fifteen or so feet as I withdrew my knife, opened it, grabbed the cord, placed the serrations against it and severed it in one quick slice - just as the entangled clown was being pulled off of his feet. The van stopped just as the cord was cut. The crowd applauded as I quickly made my way back to my family and the parade went on. Although the crowd was applauding the avoidance of catastrophy, I was applauding the fine tool I had just reinserted into my pocket.

Thanks for making such fine products.