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Multitool survives IED attack

08.26.2008 / By SOG Marketing / In Afghanistan, SOG User, Tools, Folding

We just received this email exchange from the father of a US Marine stationed in Afghanistan. A big Thank you for his and everyone's sacrifice made in the line of duty.

Subject: Fwd: SOG SOG Multitool survives IED  attack

My son is a United States Marine serving our country in Afghanistan. His Armored Humvee was hit by an IED  and the attack was detailed in a Fox News video entitled "Courage Under Fire" as one of their cameramen was involved in rescuing his wounded Sergeant. Attached is an email I received from him today relating the condition of the vehicle and its' equipment after the fire. While his SOG Tiger Camo Flash II was destroyed, his SOG multi-tool was the only thing in the vehicle to survive. Thank you for making such quality products.


Fairfax, VA

Subj: SOG


I forgot to tell you the story about the SOG. The SOG multi-tool that you got for me, was pretty much the only thing to survive the incident in my truck.  Literally everything in the truck was burnt, and melted. Even things such as the heavy duty .50 cal tripod, rifles, etc., were completely unrecognizable.  However the truck frame, the actual .50 itself, and the SOG multi-tool, were the only things that survived. The .50 cal is obviously destroyed, and will never fire again, but it kept it's shape, which was a big surprise. But one of the mechanics later found my SOG on the floor of the truck. Still works and  everything. I thought that was pretty amazing, considering. The  SOG knife, that I had was also found, although it was welded to the floor. Goes to show you the quality of the product, thought you would get a kick out of it.