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Robbie Roberson finds some alternative uses of the lock hole in the Revolver!

06.09.2011 / By SOG Graphics Guy / In SOG News

Robbie Roberson, inventor of the Revolver knife design, sent us an interesting message about some alternative uses of the lock hole in the Revolver. From Robbie:

"What are the odds of capturing a white cow and her calf 100+ yards away through a 1/4 inch hole in my knife blade, and having it be in perfect focus? ...these are real photos, not fabricated in any way. Sometimes we need a little nudge- The SOG SEAL Revolver knife is ready for the task."

Sometimes we need a little nudge.

Check out some more photos of the Revolver that Robbie sent us.


  • D Bish - 04 . 15 . 2015

    Hi, I am looking for Robbie Roberson. He made comment about a knife that his son had/has with the name MOUSER on it. I can help with that if you can provide a photo and or how you came in possession of it---generally (not contesting ownership)
    You'll be surprised with its back story.

  • #TakePoint - 04 . 15 . 2015

    Sorry, we don't have his contact info.

  • Robbie Roberson - 08 . 30 . 2015

    D. Bish, please contact me at

    Robbie Roberson
    Inventor of the SOG SEAL Revolver knife and thank you #TakePoint and SOG knives.