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June 9, 2011
SOG Graphics Guy

Robbie Roberson finds some alternative uses of the lock hole in the Revolver!

Posted by SOG Graphics Guy

Robbie Roberson, inventor of the Revolver knife design, sent us an interesting message about some alternative uses of the lock hole in the Revolver. From Robbie:

"What are the odds of capturing a white cow and her calf 100+ yards away through a 1/4 inch hole in my knife blade, and having it be in perfect focus? ...these are real photos, not fabricated in any way. Sometimes we need a little nudge- The SOG SEAL Revolver knife is ready for the task."

Sometimes we need a little nudge.

Check out some more photos of the Revolver that Robbie sent us.

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  • D Bish
    D Bish April 15, 2015

    Hi, I am looking for Robbie Roberson. He made comment about a knife that his son had/has with the name MOUSER on it. I can help with that if you can provide a photo and or how you came in possession of it---generally (not contesting ownership)
    You'll be surprised with its back story.

  • #TakePoint
    #TakePoint April 15, 2015

    Sorry, we don't have his contact info.

  • Robbie Roberson
    Robbie Roberson August 30, 2015

    D. Bish, please contact me at

    Robbie Roberson
    Inventor of the SOG SEAL Revolver knife and thank you #TakePoint and SOG knives.

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