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SEAL Pup Elite Editors Choice

02.02.2010 / By SOG Marketing / In Fixed, SOG News

The SEAL Pup Elite was just named the 2010 Outdoor Life Editor's Choice award for survival knives. We are obviously very happy about this. If you get a chance go buy the February 2010 issue of Outdoor Life or visit their website at and read a short review of the SEAL Pup Elite.


Image by Outdoor Life


  • Nicholas Gomez - 02 . 20 . 2010

    The SOG SEAL Pup is a great knife! I just helped a friend get one here in Malaysia. Please keep the price affordable. It's a great knife to use for survival, camping, combat, etc. The SEAL Pup does it all!

  • Fahmi - 03 . 24 . 2010

    I'm planning to buy the SoG SEAL Pup Elite. Any ideas on where to get it in Malaysia?

  • SOG Administrator - 03 . 25 . 2010

    I don't think we have a distributor in Malaysia currently but we do have one in Singapore. Their info is on our dealer section - - They may be able to help you out. If not you can always order directly from SOG. Just email