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August 17, 2011
SOG Marketing

SEAL Pup Review

Posted by SOG Marketing

The people at just published a nice write up on the SEAL Pup knife. Overall they were impressed with the knife, as we knew they would. If you have a minute go over to and read the complete review. - SEAL Pup Review

Also, while there check out some of the other reviews they are working. Looks like they have some good stuff going on. Let's keep an eye out for more SOG reviews.

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  • James Lilley
    James Lilley January 20, 2015

    SOG, now this is the type of knives I love in my collection. Including my SOG CHETE AND OTHER fixed blades. I carry a flash II however would love to own a dark camo trident. Havent purchased one of those yet. The AU-8 cryogenics is amazing. I put SOG blades against any other company out there. I only buy SOGS for my collection, I love the sharp blade and the ability to keep it sharp without any major work just a few short licks across the stone or file and the knife is like new again. Love all my SOGS. Thanks to you guys for producing such a quality knife. Would love to be a product tester as well. Sincerely James Lilley

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