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SOG 2009 Catalog

The new SOG 2009 product line catalog is available for download.

Check out the new products including the Creed, Bluto and Fish On.


  • Michael Rankin - 01 . 31 . 2009

    Ilike sog products!

  • Michael Rankin - 01 . 31 . 2009

    SOG is number 1

  • Edward Pacheco - 02 . 01 . 2009

    could you please send me your current catalog. Thank You.
    Edward Pacheco

  • Capt. Ed McCourt USMC (ret) - 02 . 04 . 2009

    I'm looking for a rezor sharp knife for defensive tactics.

    I'd appreciate a cataloge.

  • Michael Le - 02 . 17 . 2009

    can you please send me your current catalog? Thank you.
    Michael Le

  • SOG Administrator - 02 . 18 . 2009

    At this point we do not have any catalogs to mail out. So the best solution for everyone asking for catalogs is to download it from the website sing the link above. Thanks, SOG.

  • Jayson Hogan - 03 . 24 . 2009

    I am the proud owner of a SOG Trident Tanto with a custom serration. Best damn folding knife I have ever owned. Comes out of the box razor sharp, and stays that way with proper care. I highly recommend SOG knives. I bought the same knife last year and lost it somehow....I ordered an identical one the next day and it was a no-brainer.

    I would love to see the newest catalog of goodies from SOG!

    Thank You!

  • Eric Taylor U.S. Army (vet) - 04 . 07 . 2009

    These Knives continue to take all the usual punishment that I can trow at 'em and come back for more. you can count on the edge

  • Eric Taylor U.S. Army (vet) - 04 . 07 . 2009

    These knives can take all the punishment you can throw at'em and more. this edge you can count on

  • Sal Sapienza-U.S. Army (vet),Law Enforcement - 05 . 11 . 2009

    Proud owner of a Trident Tanto.I've owned a SOG knife of one kind or another since my Army days.Now that I'm retired Law Enforcement I still continue to carry one. Some good habits are HARD to well as your knives.

  • DM Ryan - 05 . 12 . 2009

    SOG has some SWEET blades. I have several in my collection and am always looking for more. Stay focused at it!