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SOG Field Pup Comment

03.23.2009 / By SOG Marketing / In review, SOG User, Fixed, SOG News

Just received this comment from a happy user of the SOG Field Pup. It is always nice to hear from our customers that they like their knives.

Dear Spencer,

Just a quick letter to let you know how much I've enjoyed my new SOG Field Pup. I had been researching a knife for field dressing large and small game that would stay sharp plus be designed in a way that allows for the knife to rest into the palm of your hand without restriction and fatigue for long periods of time.  After 4 hours with my cousin dressing out a 1,200 lbs. Canadian Western Moose. I knew I made the right choose.



Check for more information check out the Field Pup. It is definitely a great little knife that is sometimes over looked for the more popular and larger knives. Whether you get a Field Pup or not you can go wrong.