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SOG in Al Anbar

06.12.2007 / By SOG Marketing / In SOG User, Iraq, SOG News

We received this great comment over the weekend and I wanted to share it with everyone.

I currently carry the Penteagon Elite I every night as I am out flying over the Al Anbar Provence and I love it's easy use and reliability. I have used it to cut everything from cargo straps to wires and it is still running strong. I now want to upgrade to a strong fixed blade and a back up boot knife. Instantly I thought of SOG and didn't even check out all of the other brands that are out there.

Semper Fi, SSgt Andrew Crissman, USMC.

I emailed him to verify that it was okay to post and here is his first comment and his response is below.

Mr. Cashbaugh,

Certainly, it will be a privilege to have my comment about your excellent knives posted on your web page. After only being in country for two months, my Pentagon Elite I is the only "tool" that I purchased before coming over here that is still running strong. I have broken most of the tips off of my Gerber Multi-tool, my Inova flashlight has a crushed bulb, my Blackhawk kneepads and gloves are shredded, my Blackhawk SERPA holster keeps dropping my extra magazines, my Wiley-X ballistic glasses are gouged, my Camelbak leaks (although the MULE backpack is still taking a beating), and all of this just during the
first two months in a seven month deployment! As a tail gunner on the CH-53D, my nightly routine requires me to keep moving and my gear has to keep up, it is nice to know that I at least have a good sharp knife on my side! The only thing that I wish SOG had was a good emergency blade like Benchmade's 7 hook. I do keep one of those easily accessible on my
belt, even though I have not had the need to use it. All in all, I can not wait for my Daggert 1 and Mini Pentagon to arrive in the mail!

Thank you and Semper Fi,
SSgt Andrew Crissman

Our best wishes go out to you SSgt Crissman and everyone else that is fighting for our protection. We wish you a safe return and God Speed.