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SOG in Shooter

08.15.2007 / By SOG Marketing / In Fixed, SOG News

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to provide some knives for the production of the movie Shooter, starring Mark Wahlberg. The movies has been out for a while and I think it is on DVD now. They did end up using knives in the movie and they showed up on screen. Here is a picture of him with the SOG Daggert 2.

SOG Daggert 2 - Shooter


Here is a close up image of the Twitch XL thanks to one of the commentators below.

Twitch XL in Shooter


  • harm - 08 . 15 . 2007

    cool.what other sog knives were used by Mark Whalbergs character?any other pics?

  • SOG Marketing - 08 . 16 . 2007

    I have been told he also used the Twitch XL. I do not have any images of it, but if any one finds one please let me know.

  • ferengi - 08 . 27 . 2007

    Here is a high def capture from the Shooter HD DVD: Is this the Twitch XL?

  • SOG Marketing - 09 . 04 . 2007

    Yep, sure is the Twitch XL. Thanks for the image I am going to add it to the post.

  • jason - 09 . 17 . 2010

    i love the move shooter the want a sog the u can opean by just a flick i love the sog knives and they are good for all kinds of hand on use

  • H - 05 . 27 . 2016

    I guess from the position of the SOG twitch xl folder, up his left sleeve, Mark Wahlberg is a lefty ? I would hope he can open it fast and take out those two dorks with Danny Glover ! Slow draw ? Here doggy ! Fresh meat .