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SOG knife helps rescue accident victim

11.02.2011 / By SOG Marketing / In SOG User, Folding, SOG News

We recently received the story below from a loyal SOG fan and volunteer Firefighter in New York. We think he did a great thing and are happy that a SOG knife was with him and able to assist.


My name is Zach S, I am a volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician in the Oceanside Fire Department (New York), and a proud member of South Side Hose Company #2. I also work for a Long Island craft brewer. But mostly I am a proud owner of a SOG Trident. I purchased this knife while with my brother, a member of the United States Coast Guard, on his base. I saw the knife, and I made the purchase.I usually carry the knife in my pocket, to use for daily things, like cutting open boxes, maybe a piece of rope here and there, and anything else a knife can come in handy for.

On the morning of October 14th 2011, a little while after leaving work, I witnessed a horrific auto accident. Immediately my training kicked into high gear as I watched one car slam into another on the parkway. I was able to avoid colliding with the spinning cars and pulled my truck over to the side of the road.

As I assessed the scene I noticed that the driver of the Mustang was badly injured and needed to be extricated from the car. Unable to gain any access to the car from the driver side I approached the passenger side of the car. The windows were rolled up and the door was locked. I pulled out my SOG Trident, with the blade still closed in the handle I used it to smash open the window. I assessed the unconscious patient, and with the aid of a few other medics who stopped at the scene we were able to get her stabilized and prepped for extrication. I was then able to use the Trident to cut her seatbelt off. The Rescue truck from the East Farmingdale Fire Department arrived and the brave men and women were able to cut the door off the car without injuring the patient, or myself (still in the back seat of the car holding spine stabilization). Photo attached below...

You never know how useful a tool is until you need it in the heat of action. So I wanted to send you a little thank you note for making an amazing product. I told my brothers in the firehouse about what happened, and about your great products, so Im sure you'll have a few more lifelong customers. I know I am!

Thanks Again,

Zach S

Check out the picture below of the aftermath of the accident. If you have any stories while using your SOG knife please share them with us as we like to hear that we have been able to make a difference in someones life.