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SOG Knife in Movie?

03.30.2009 / By SOG Marketing / In TV, Photos, Fixed

I was just forwarded this image of what looks like a SOG SEAL knife in a movie. I am not sure what movie it is but am trying to track down that info. If any here knows please feel free to share.



  • ted - 03 . 30 . 2009

    Looks like Kurt Russell in "Soldier" 1998.

  • Matthew - 03 . 30 . 2009

    Soldier (1998) Kurt Russell

    That is so sad that I recognized that frame.

  • jess - 04 . 04 . 2009

    Nice picture!

  • jack smith - 04 . 08 . 2009

    You Know what movie it is, if you point to the pic il say "solldier" not to smart it's sad, i se the game here. dont work with me ;)
    is it (BW) technique? i think so : P

    How sad only one movie haves your knife, how many movies is K-bar in?

  • Sta.H - 04 . 16 . 2009

    Its my pic, I named it "soldier" before sending it to SOG, but did not to tell the name of the movie.

    Regards from Sweden

  • Richard Springer - 04 . 27 . 2009

    Even if your not "Jack Smith" READ ON!!! YOU WILL LAUGH!!! or cry, I did a little of both while writing this master piece...

    Jack Smith(read: "I'm to lazy to come up with something better the Jack Smith, but am sick and tired of having no creativity and constantly using "John Doe". God! All the chicks online that I talk to use John Doe too!!! So I'll use...Yep, Jack Smith Should Do!!! Creative Right?"), I expect there is a possibility your going to read this. Based simply on the fact that your degraded enough to leave a rude comment about a knife brand that you don't seem to like...I'm bored and drunk for the first time in three months, that's my excuse for taking the time to write anything on the internet. And your reason probably had something to do with being bore after getting off on some illicit site for the sixth time in a day...Oh man this is gona piss you off!!!

    Even if you not Jack

    First, it's Ka-Bar, smart guy. And the B as well as the K are supposed to be capitalized. Wow, try to spell check next time. Not with a computer, use that thing in your head, (no not buggers, your brain) it is there for a reason.

    Second, how pathetic are you? To mock someone because they noticed a particular knife in a movie, and posted it on the manufacturer’s website, that is getting down to the basest instincts of the lowliest humanity to be found. Not only this, you spell "your" knife brand's name wrong. And, I'd be willing to bet you have no affiliation to Ka-Bar other then you buy some of their products.

    They are both good companies with outstanding product lines. And I'm sure the people who work their hands to the bone at Ka-Bar would gag at the idea of a wanna-be serial killer like you (who probably buys guns and knives just so he can mutilate squirrels and rabbits with them) appalling. Get a life, find some religion. And try not to go on that shooting rampage. Unless you plan on taking out all you chat room, sycophantic buddies, who you prattle on about Bundie and Manson all night. If your just resentful of them, do us all a favor and get to it. I'll provide you financial backing, I bet you need it.

    Mathew, if you ever read this, I feel sad for myself, too. Because I recognized the screen shot immediately. And that was the lamest Kurt Russel movie ever. And that's pretty bad. SOG Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. Ka-Bar's pretty good to, I guess (that was for Jack Smith...HAHAHAHAHA Ka-Bar's Quality to!!!)

  • Matt Johnson - 02 . 12 . 2011

    Hahaha! Was just watching this film and thought I recognised that blade! There's also a SOG Pentagon as well in the fight scene with Kurt Russell and Jason Scott Lee. Man, I sound like such a nerd!