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SOG PowerAssist

01.18.2007 / By SOG Marketing / In New Products, Tools, SOG News

I know everyone has been looking for info on the new products for 2007. I have posted a PDF of the the 2007 SOG New Products sheet. I also know that you are looking for more pictures of the products, so over the next week or two I will be posting info and pictures of all the new products here for everyone to see.

Today I am beginning with the new PowerAssist tool. The product description is below and for more picture follow the link below the text.
SOG PowerAssist
SOG makes the only multi-tools in the world with one-handed flip opening and gear driven patented Compound Leverage for double the plier power... the new PowerAssist takes these principles to a new level. This is the first multi-tool in the world that houses not just one but two assisted opening blades. Start to open the main blades, which are available when the tool is closed, and S.A.T. (SOG Assisted Technology) takes over to complete the opening. When not in use, blades lock closed using our patent pending side release. It's never been easier! Flip open the tool and experience the precision of the heavy-duty plier capability and large wire cutters. Smooth handle surfaces promote comfort on even the toughest jobs. While open, five other components are now available and individually lock open with the new patent pending Piano-Locks. You're going to love playing these keys! Also includes the new gear covers, hex bolt construction, V-Cutter, and built-in crimpers. We know you will also appreciate the overall look of this workhorse.

Length: 8.5"
Blade: 3.75" x .125"
Steel: AUS 8 Stainless - Rc. 57-58
Finish: Satin or Black Oxide
Edge: Straight
Weight: 3.7 oz.
Handle: Stainless Steel
Comes with: Leather Pouch

Satin Polish S66 $115
Black Oxide B66 $122
Satin Polish EOD S67 $115
Black Oxide EOD B67 $122

SOG PowerAssist

SOG PowerAssist

SOG PowerAssist

SOG PowerAssist

SOG PowerAssist

Keep in mind these are prototype images and the final design may vary slightly from the images seen here.


  • Defender - 01 . 18 . 2007

    Thanks for finally posting this! I've been waiting to see what the new tools were going to look like for a long time now! They look pretty sweet, and I can't wait to get my hands on one for review!

  • Silicone - 01 . 20 . 2007

    From the way it looks it may be the knife for me the blades are on the out side for easy quick access and has a great futuristic look

  • abegaza - 01 . 31 . 2007

    what will the second external blade be? serrated? v-cutter?

  • SOG Administrator - 01 . 31 . 2007

    That is not finalized yet, but once we get there info will be posted on the SOG website.

  • George - 04 . 14 . 2007

    Will it have a pocket clip option?

  • SOG Administrator - 04 . 17 . 2007

    No pocket clip at this point.

  • George - 04 . 17 . 2007

    Do you know what the blade(s) is going to be made out of?

  • SOG Administrator - 04 . 18 . 2007

    The blades will be 420 stainless, just like all of our other multi-tool blades.

  • George - 05 . 02 . 2007

    I was curious if the pocket clip option was taken seriously, or if it has been a rather small issue. I have been very impressed with the SOG lineup of tools, and am asking if this feature could be added some time. The majority of people do carry multi-tools in sheaths but there are a growing number who want something to replace their EDC knife a tool that has a few more features, I feel that SOG could expand their customer base if they had an option for this.

    I would be willing to give some Inventor files as a prototype design if anyone would be interested.


  • E-Man - 05 . 08 . 2007

    I agree with the statements regarding a clip option. As a tradesman, I carry my multi tool on a daily basis and I like the option of carying my multi tool in a place other than a sheath yet have quick access. Hope this helps validate the stated desires.


  • torpedo - 05 . 31 . 2007


    <em>Translated via google by Admin
    Have an S61, today saw 2007 new types of POWERLOCK feel more beautiful and the practical. They did not know what time can be purchased in China! </em>