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SOG PowerLock images

Jake with posted some nice images on flickr comparing the SOG PowerLock wire cutter and the SwissTool. Here are his comments and some pictures.

The wire cutter on SOG's new PowerLock is wider and has a much better edge than the wire cutter on most other multi-tools. I was able to cut lamp cord with it whereas most other multi-tools make a mess of finely stranded wire.

This photo shows the SwissTool Spirit jammed on lamp cord (right panel). I can actually suspend the SwissTool Spirit by the wire. It didn't take a lot of force but I did have to pry the SwissTool Spirit jaws apart. It had just mashed the wires rather than cutting them (left panel). The clean ends were cut with the new SOG PowerLock.


PowerLock vs SwissTool Spirit Wire Cutters


  • B.K. - 12 . 16 . 2007

    This is about the Kilowatt, but for some reason comments are off ,there.(I wonder ,why...?)
    I think I will write some detailed reviews on your Kilowatt for a couple of survival websites, as well.

  • SOG Administrator - 12 . 17 . 2007

    The reason the comments are turned off it that it is an old post and I am trying to prevent comment spam. If you some comments please feel free to post them or let me know.


  • Richard A Wickham CET - 02 . 05 . 2008

    I hate to say it, (only because I have such a great respect for victorinox) this is so true.
    I own both multitools. it is exactly as shown, the victorinox tool freighs the wire. the sog tool makes a clean cut.