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SOG recieves Thanks

02.29.2008 / By SOG Marketing / In Photos, SOG News

King County Deputy and Arrestling Founder, Don Gulla presents SOG's Spencer Frazer an award in appreciation for his many years of supporting law enforcement. After more than 20 years, SOG Specialty Knives and Tools has become renowned for its innovations and ingenuity in the cutlery industry - largely credited to its founder and chief designer, Spencer Frazer. Whereas most companies collaborate with custom knife makers to help envision products, Spencer is the sole creative force that keeps SOG ahead of the game.

Spencer and Don


  • Yitzchak Ernst - 03 . 24 . 2008

    Congradulations and mazel tov to SOG Speciality and Mr. Spencer Frazer.

    Great knives, Great tools, and Great company !

    Signed, Yitzchak Ernst (Israel) A SOG user and collecter