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SOG saves the day

03.17.2010 / By SOG Marketing / In Afghanistan, SOG User, Fixed, SOG News

Just received the letter from a SOG user in Afghanistan:

During the recent Battle of Marjeh, my company was one of two US Army Stryker Infantry Companies attached to the Marines operating throughout the area. During this operation, we came under heavy enemy contact in rough terrain on multiple occasionsIn the middle of combat operations, the ground underneath one of my Stryker ICVs gave way, causing the vehicle to roll into a canal. The quick recovery of this vehicle was essential to the success of our mission and the safety of my men. Fortunately, several of my men had your knives (either Tigersharks or Seal Pups). Your large combat blades were tough enough to cut through the dense brush and vines that blocked us from hooking our truck up to get it dragged out. I have a picture of the aftermath and the type of branches we had to hack through. Your blades helped make it happen, and because of that we continued the operation. Thank you for your high quality product.

Check out a photo of the aftermath he shared with us.


  • steven swanberg - 04 . 06 . 2010

    Money cant buy an endorsement that good

  • Sog Knives - 04 . 12 . 2010

    Great picture and an even better story!