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SOG TV/Movie Appearances

I am trying to compile a list of apperances of SOG products in various TV shows and movies. Here is the list I have so far. I am sure that there are I items I am missing so if you know of anything please let me know.

Lost - Tigershark

House - Twitch XL

Kill Bill - Desert Daggert

Shooter - Twitch XL

Terminator 2 - SOG Bowie

Battlestar Galactica - SEAL Revolver

Bonus point if you can provide or point to an image of the knife in the TV show or movie.

Update: I have also posted this on and gotten some good answers to add to the list.

The movie "SOLDIER" with Kurt Russell has at least two SOG's that I have seen.

Shows Kurt in action with a SOG Seal 2000.

Also, shows Jason Scott Lee in action with a SOG Pentagon in the final one-on-one fight scene with Kurt.


  • zvir - 04 . 16 . 2008

    Dexter (TV) - Pentagon
    The Crow - Goverment Agent

  • SOG Administrator - 04 . 17 . 2008

    Thanks for the Dexter one I had not heard about that. I did forget about The Crow.

  • luke - 05 . 06 . 2008

    In the film 'Kiss The Girls' starring Morgan Freeman,the character Det.Nick Ruskin (casanova) uses an SOG Pentagon while in his Harem.

    The SOG "Tigershark" is seen on LOST as one of Locke's Knives.

    The SOG "Pentagon" knife has been featured in popular video and computer games Hitman: Codename 47.

    In the movie Snakes on a Plane "Neville Flynn" obtains a SOG Desert Dagger from a traveler's luggage.


    The Transporter, SOG Vision


    thats all i could find, hope it helps.

  • Joe Muckle - 05 . 13 . 2008

    I'm pretty sure there is a daggert in a criminal minds episode. Not sure if it is 1 or 2.

  • Person - 09 . 30 . 2008

    SOG Pentagon in CSI New York.

  • LC - 02 . 03 . 2009

    they use the SOG pentagon, the SOG Seal team, and the SOG power lock in Behind Enemy Lines Colombia

  • CJMBq - 03 . 11 . 2009

    Doesn't Selene use a SOG SEAL 200 in Underworld: Evolutioin to kill the Lycan under the trap door?

  • Myfastang - 12 . 11 . 2009

    Chuck Norris pulled a Sog Pentagon from a victim on his show "Walker Texas Ranger"

  • Christian - 12 . 26 . 2009

    In the Second Season of "Dollhouse" Alpha (Alan Tudyk) uses a TiNi SOG Revolver's gut hook blade to kill some unsuspecting guy

  • Al - 01 . 31 . 2010

    The character Tin Tin in the movie The Crow was using Sog Desert Daggers I just saw the crow tonight and saw the part where Tin Tin went up against Eric Draven and he had multiple desert daggers at his disposal then Eric put one of the daggers in the shoulder of Tin Tin.

  • John - 02 . 13 . 2010

    Chuck Norris carries an SK-5 Tigershark in "Delta Force 2 The Columbian Connection"

  • kent - 12 . 16 . 2014

    sog bowie on the walking dead season 5

  • #TakePoint - 12 . 31 . 2014

    Thanks! If only we're able to watch every TV show and movie so we can be all the way up to date with SOG appearances.

  • Jeremy - 10 . 27 . 2015

    After about season 2 or 3 of The Walking Dead, just about every knife used is from SOG. The show is practically a SOG zombie apocalypse ad. Everything from a Seal Team/Seal pup to flash IIs and the Bowie 2.0 and on and on. It's a great show with even better taste in gear.

  • #TakePoint - 11 . 17 . 2015


  • Hutch - 06 . 17 . 2016

    In the movie the equalizer the big Russian dude with the beard and twisted up mustache that Denzel Washington was fighting had a SOG seal pup.