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SOG Twitch II - Car Rescue

11.30.2011 / By SOG Marketing / In Rescue, SOG User, SOG History, Folding

We just received another great story of how one of our knives helped free someone from a car accident. This time it was the Twitch II, but having any knife one you would be a good idea.

Dear SOG Knives,

I want to say that the knife I purchased from AG Russell was literally a Life Saver! This past Saturday, my fiancé family and I visited the AG Russell showroom. I bought a few knives for my collection, my fiancé bought a machete as an Xmas present, my in-laws discussed the zebra painting, and I was drooling over the SOG Agency and the AG Field Knife II. Since the Agency and the Field Knife II are out of my reach during Christmas, I ended up discussing the Twitch II with the salesman. I was really impressed with the one hand opening of the knife and how handy that would be when opening feed bags on the farm and cutting twine for lashing down cargo. I was carrying a Victorinox Cadet, but I replaced it Saturday with the Twitch II. As we left your shop, I clipped the knife to the inside of my pants pocket, but little did I know I would use it less than 24 hours later.

Sunday as we left NWA on I-40, a few large animals step in front of our car, and my fiancé swerved to keep from hitting the large towering animals in the road. The car spun out of control and we flew off the side of the interstate hitting a tree that spun my side (passenger) into 2 large trees. My right leg was pinned under the dash, as my pants had hung on something, and my seat belt wouldn't unlock as the passenger side seat was sitting partly on top of the center console. My right arm was pinned because the impact swung it up under me, but I used my left hand to retrieve the Twitch II knife from my pocket, opened it with one finger, and cut the seat belt. I then used it to cut away my pants leg that hung up under the dash. If I would of not been able to get out of the car we would still be sitting there as no one was around us, we were way off down the embankment, the cell phone was busted, the front lights had busted out, it was really cold and we were wet from an exploded cooler. By being able to free myself, I was able to disconnect the car's power, and then I was able to pry open the busted trunk to retrieve a flashlight and a working cell phone.

We suffered a few cuts, some bruised ribs, a few bruises, a totaled car, but we survived. I'm grateful for our visit to the AG Russell Knife Shop and for the great products that they carry. I will soon be placing a order for a Twitch II from AG Russell for my fiancé, who when I bought the knife was afraid I would injure myself with a SAT knife, but after our adventure I think she now see's how handy the SOG Twitch II is in a desperate situation.

When I finally get in the position to buy the SOG Agency I'll be placing my order from AG Russell. AG Russell and SOG have earned a customer for life!

Zachary Taylor

SOG-Twitch_II-crash #2


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