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Tigershark signed by Terry O'Quinn

04.06.2009 / By #TakePoint / In TV, Photos, SOG User, Fixed

I was cleaning out some drawers here and came across a knife that SOG received from the folks at LOST. It was signed by Terry O'Quinn who plays John Locke. Check out the photos of the knife. I was really excited to get this and I think we will have it framed and hang it on the wall in the lobby.



  • johnu2 - 05 . 01 . 2009

    That is really cool Chris. You should post this in the Movie thread over at blade forums

  • Angela (Vintage Stag Knives) - 06 . 07 . 2009

    Sweet. Did you ever frame it?

  • SOG Administrator - 06 . 12 . 2009

    Not yet...