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Twitch XL is tough

From time to time we get some great stories from our customers. I thought that this one was just too good to not share.Unfortunately we can share exactly who the author is or what he does but it does not take away from the story.

I have a SOG Twitch XL and recently some city people in my office were trying to open a tin container filled with surplus ammo. There was no opening tool and they resorted to a grinding wheel on a d remel. After I saw the flames that went with the smoke they created I took the tin and utilizing my SOG I opened the tin, just like I do when I go camping. They couldn't believe that my knife could do that, because they know so much about tools (LOL), and kept saying how my knife would never be the same again. After five minutes on the stone I was slicing paper again. I love your knives and will be buying several to have in reserve in-case something ever happens to ya'll.


Keep the stories coming and if we use your story you will be rewarded.


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