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November 15, 2007
SOG Marketing

VG-10 Upgrade

Posted by SOG Marketing

We have been working on this for a couple months and I am happy to finally announce that almost all of our Arc-Lock knives are now being produced with VG-10 blades. This now includes the X-Ray Vision, Vision, Mini X-Ray Vision, Pentagon Elite I and II, Spec Elite I. Also, this was done with out increasing the cost of these knives. If you have been holding off on buying one of these knives, you no longer have an excuse. We were also able to do this with out raising prices.

The blades are stamped with VG-10 and should be showing up in stores any day now.

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  • Jeffrey Liu
    Jeffrey Liu November 16, 2007

    Gah. Now I regret buying my X ray vision just a while ago. Should've waited for the VG 10 ones.

  • Jim
    Jim November 17, 2007

    Yea, me too. I just purchased a Pentagon Elite I a few weeks ago. Great knife...but I would have loved to have the VG-10 blade.

  • Levi
    Levi December 16, 2007

    I am considering the SOG Trident, however, I am wondering if that line will also go VG10 before too long?

  • SOG Administrator
    SOG Administrator December 17, 2007

    The SOG Trident is going to stay AUS-8 for the foreseeable future.

  • Paul
    Paul February 8, 2008

    How can i tell if the advertised VG-10 Pentagon Elite I just recently bought is in fact VG-10?
    Mine came in the SOG white box with a Cully company logo #37369 sku# 29857 14151...


  • Charles J. Bell
    Charles J. Bell September 15, 2010

    One of the Vulcan series is under my consideration and I am looking for input re. the integrity of the Arc-Lock. Has anyone tested this system to destruction? Also, I am trying to understand the use and need for a tanto grind blade and the advantages of said blade compared to other typical grinds and profiles. I am really tending toward the Vulcan tanto for the sake of the blade steel. What are the advantages of the laminate compared to VG-10...

    Thank you,

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