Law Enforcement specialist Gary Drake proudly supports SOG Knives

Gary Drake

Favorite Products
  • SEAL Pup Elite E37S

    Hardcase Black TiNi / Clip Point / Straight SEAL Pup Elite
  • Bowie 2.0 S1T-L

    Hardcase Black TiNi / Clip Point / Straight Bowie 2.0
  • Aegis AE06-CP

    Hardcase Black TiNi / Clip Point / Straight Aegis

Gary Drake

Law Enforcement Specialist

Gary Drake is one of the nation's foremost instructors on defensive tactics and firearms. A former U.S. Marine with more than 30 years of Martial Arts experience, Drake has spent more than 16 years in law enforcement, from SWAT to Tactical Tracking, even High Security Transport/Court Detail (while in corrections). Drake worked as the Defensive Tactics Coordinator for a state Police Academy and continues to provide defensive tactics training and instruction for fellow instructors and SWAT, ERT, and SERT teams countrywide, and is lead instructor for Arrestling. He currently works as a military contractor and reserve police officer.