C-4 Spike / 500-0100

Black Oxide, Bead Blasted

  • Lifetime Warranty

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The C-4 Spike is a must have for the field of Explosive Ordinance Disposal! Also useful as a marlin spike, tool scribe, and glass breaker for survival and rescue applications.

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Product Type Multi-Tool Component
Finish Black Oxide, Bead Blasted
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The C-4 Spike is a must have for the field of Explosive Ordinance Disposal! Also useful as a marlin spike, tool scribe, and glass breaker for survival and rescue applications.

Available in Bead Blasted or Black Oxide finish

This component is not a replacement for the assisted-opening blades on the PowerAssist. Any customers wishing to inquire about assisted-opening blades should contact our Warranty Department.

Compatible with:

  • PowerLock
  • EOD PowerLock
  • PowerAssist
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Full Specifications

Product Type Multi-Tool Component Finish Black Oxide, Bead Blasted
Country of Origin N/A Phillips #1 N/A
Phillips #2 N/A Phillips #3 N/A
Flathead #3 N/A Flathead #5 N/A
Flathead #7 N/A Star-drive T6 N/A
Star-drive T8 N/A Star-drive T10 N/A
Star-drive T20 N/A Hex 1.5mm N/A
Hex 2mm N/A    

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