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  • Gary Drake

    Gary Drake

    Gary Drake is one of the nation's most active defensive tactics and firearms instructors. He also carries 16 years in law enforcement, including SWAT, Tactical Tracking, and High Security Transport/Court Detail while in Corrections.

  • Chris Brinlee, Jr.

    Chris Brinlee, Jr.

    "Chris Brinlee, Jr. is a story teller. Stories, however, are not best-told from inside the walls of a cubicle. So in August 2014, Chris left his behind—quitting his fancy advertising art director job to go experience something more. His adventure led him around the globe from California to the North Cascades, where he climbed the snowiest mountain in the world. To Norway, where he watched sunset from the most epic ledge. To Iceland, where he nearly died on a glacier. To Nepal, where he vomited after summiting a 20,305' Himalayan peak. To South East Asia, where his body developed the ability to overcome food poisoning in twenty-four hours. He's back in the US now, but still going strong. On each adventure, Chris embraces discomfort—challenging himself not only as a photographer and storyteller—but as a human being. As a contributor for publications such as IndefinitelyWild, Outside, Red Bulletin, and Gizmodo—his words and photos have inspired millions."

  • Andrew Kearns

    Andrew Kearns

    Andrew is a lifestyle adventure photographer from the Pacific Northwest. Having quit his job at Starbucks just over a year ago, he has made his living off of photo and video work full-time. His travels have brought him all around the west coast, up to Alaska, Colorado, and even to Guatemala. If he isn't at home, he is probably camping out of the back of his Prius somewhere, as he hopes to soon be traveling and doing just that full time.

  • Brandon Sharpe

    Brandon Sharpe

    Brandon Sharpe is an influential designer and photographer with 13 years of experience. He has successfully created a name for himself through his design work and photography. A transplant from South Carolina and living in Chicago for 6 years now, he focused on architectural photography and has gained renowned attention for his unique photos and the interesting and hard to obtain views and of the city of Chicago. He thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014 and now focuses on adventure and exploring in engaging narrative photography. He calls Chicago home but rarely can be found there. He has been published a number of times on large blogs and publications.

  • Amanda Shpeley

    Amanda Shpeley

    Born and raised in British Columbia, Amanda's family time was full of outdoor activities from hiking and camping to fishing and gardening. At five years old, she received her first camera: a 110mm film compact point and shoot. By the age of eight, she had her own backpacking kit so she could camp independently on trips with her parents. Her exposure to photography and the outdoors at a young age led her to the life she has now. Now as a resident of Squamish BC, Amanda pursues her photography and climbing passions in a location famous for gorgrous coastlines and beautiful mountains. By living in a van, she not only maximizes her time in nature and connection to the community, but also can put excess time and energy into community service and spreading positive energy.

  • Larysa Switlyk

    Larysa Switlyk

    Larysa Switlyk is a New York City Certified Public Accountant turned professional hunter when she found her passion in 2008 when she booked herself a solo hunt in New Zealand never had shot a rifle before. She realized she had a natural talent for shooting and hunting. At first her family was not fond of her new passion for hunting and criticized her for participating in such a sport. That is when Larysa found the hunting community where she was accepted and realized it was a lack of education and understanding from her family. She then made it her mission to change their viewpoint on hunting by educating them. Also since she found her true passion she wanted to share that passion and encourage more females and children to get involved in the outdoors. She created her own television show as a vehicle to promote hunting to the general population and inspire others to get outdoors to try it! You won’t know if you love something until you try it! “Larysa Unleashed” debuted in 2013 on NBC Sports, and has aired on Destination America, Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel, The Hunt Channel, Wild TV, Tuff TV, Untamed Sports, and Roku. Larysa was a Contestant on Animal Planet’s Fishing Competition Show, “Top Hooker” and Fished for Team Bass Pro Shops in the Madfin Shark Series on The Outdoor Channel. She is the First Female Winner of the 2014 Sportsman Channel Choice Award for “Best Shot of the Year”. Larysa also fishes professional around the world representing Team USA in a lot of international tournaments with multiple top ten finishes and a first place finish in the World Carp Classic in 2015. Her fishing television show “Larysa Unleashed Gone Fishin’” airs on World Fishing Network.