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Beware of Counterfeit SOGs

10.14.2014 / By #TakePoint / In SOG Info, Warranty, SOG News

A quick search for a SOG knife on online marketplaces will reveal hundreds, if not thousands of listings of people and dealers selling their new and used SOG knives. Most looking for a good deal on a genuine SOG will find that this is the best way to go. To the untrained eye, many of these SOGs are selling for a fraction of MSRP. However, those who are familiar with SOGs will see some unrecognizable designs with names that are the same as some of our more popular models like the Flash and Trident.

While some of the pictures of these fake and counterfeit knives are using our old, but official logo and taken next to packaging that may look authentic, they are nowhere close to the quality of the genuine SOGs.


For example, here is a picture of our SOG Flash II with a black TiNi tanto blade.

These are some of the counterfeit SOG Flashes available. Notice that it looks nothing like the real SOG Flash. These sellers are simply using our brand name illegally to sell fake knives.


Here's our Trident with a black TiNi tanto blade.

This is its fake twin.


This is our discontinued Blink.

And its phony cousin which also claims to be a Trident.


Counterfeits can pose danger to the user by using inferior materials, design, and manufacturing processes. Whenever shopping online, be aware that counterfeit products like these exists not just for knives, but for many other products with recognizable brands.


  • Steven Soroushian - 01 . 27 . 2015

    I have seen ones on amazon with the sog logo and bullet being split. I own a sog flash 2, trident, and zoom and they are genuine.They do not have the bullet so I wondering is the logo with a bullet counterfeit?

  • #TakePoint - 01 . 27 . 2015

    Which logo? Can you link it?

  • galea - 04 . 09 . 2015

    I have just bought a tomcat 3.0 S95N on Amazon for 196 euros.
    How can I be sure it is a genuine one?
    Marking blade does not look like most of shown on the web.
    Mine has a black Laser logo and on the other side :vg10 seki japan .

  • #TakePoint - 04 . 10 . 2015

    If it looks like this:, then you'd be fine. Most counterfeits are just misusing our brand on unrecognizable knives.

  • Kenneth O'Dell - 10 . 29 . 2015

    I screwed up and bought one on eBay. They got me. Not for a lot, just $13.24. But still.
    I contacted eBay and they seem to be passing the info along for an investigation. Granted, the eBayer will simply open a new account. I might just make it my past time now to finding counterfeit products on eBay and reporting them. I thought I was buying a "SOG Flash Tanto". They used the photo that is posted here with the purple box and the grey knife. It's garbage. The blade was nowhere near sharp. And the function is gritty. I called eBay and hopefully they will handle it.

    What are the odds. As I type, the eBayer sent me a message. Here is the message:

    Hi Kenneth,

    best-seller-chu sent you a message about your request:

    "hi dear friend i could give you 2 choice ,the first one is ,i accept the return ,after i get back my knife ,i could refund you all money .and the second is ,i could refund you $3 and you could keep the knife ,because the international shipping is too hight ,hope you understand could you tell me which choice do you want ?please don't worry ,we will solve problem for you ,just send message to tell me first ,the case will badly hurt a little store ,hope you understand hope you reply hugo"

    So here they are already committing felony by trading in counterfeit goods. But they are requesting that I join them in the "felony" transport of a counterfeit product.

    I kindly advised them of the US Code that applies to transporting counterfeit goods.

    Another reply just came through. I had told them I wanted a full refund of the purchase price plus shipping and I would not be sending the knife back. (eBay told me not to send it back as it is fake and they will just resale it)

    Here is their reply:

    Hi Kenneth,

    best-seller-chu sent you a message about your request:

    "hi dear friend i could refund you $8 ,and you keep the knife ,could you accept ? hope you reply hugo"

    I'll be again asking for a full refund. I will not let them profit a penny from me. They are hurting a great brand and deeply hurting the trust with SOG in buyers that purchase these and think they are real SOG knives. Their impression with SOG is that it is junk when they actually have no idea at how great of products SOG puts out.

  • Kenneth O'Dell - 10 . 29 . 2015


    The seller sent me another message:

    Hi Kenneth,

    best-seller-chu sent you a message about your request:

    "ok ,i could refund you ,but could you please leave me all 5 stars possitive first ,as you know ,i send you the knife ,we have lost shipping fee and one knife ,if we get another bad feedback again ,this is badly hurt for a seller ,could you do it for me ?once you leave it ,i will refund you all ,we don't want to waste your too much time ,time is valuable hope you reply hugo"

    Still trying to run their scams.......

    And I will continue to pursue my $13.24 ;)

  • Kelley Judd - 11 . 23 . 2015

    I bought the sog tanto at a gun show... Cheap yes too cheap to be true. And after looking here I have found out that I bought a counterfeit sog tanto. Never trust gunshows for blades or ammo.. I've lost money on both.

  • Hugh Creech - 12 . 09 . 2015

    I cant find a Sog flash tanto fa02 dont know if its fake or notK

  • #TakePoint - 12 . 10 . 2015

    Where are you having issues?

  • Katie hulka - 02 . 29 . 2016

    I just purchased two m37-cps on Amazon and there are noticable differences. Both have nylon sheaths, but the font is different on "SOG", the snaps on the one with the mismatched font are plastic instead of metal, the logo on the knife is outlined letters instead of solid and the font is not the same as the website logo and that one also doesn't say where it is made. Seems like a fake, but a decent knife. Does it sound fake to you?

  • Zangetsu Lee - 05 . 21 . 2016

    I bought a SOG flash tanto FA02 knife, but i can't find SOG FA02 knife on the SOG website, is it a counterfeit one?

  • #TakePoint - 05 . 24 . 2016

    Send us a photo of it.

  • William Oliver - 09 . 05 . 2016

    I just bought a SOG Tonto Flash and it looks exactly like the counterfeit pic on your site....

  • William Oliver - 09 . 05 . 2016

    I just bought a SOG Tonto Flash and it looks exactly like the counterfeit pic on your site.... I'd like to send a picture and have you guys verify that. And I tried to contact customer service it will not let me enter my number therefore won't let me send my information

  • Charlie - 02 . 06 . 2017

    I purchased a "SOG" knife on ebay thinking it was genuine and now im questioning it. The seller deals in only SOG knifes but like i said i think they are all counterfeit. I have not recieved the knife yet but if you could take a look.. Below is the link to the store. It is the 7th picture you have above of a counterfeit knife. The one listed as a Flash Tanto with green on the handle.

  • Charlie - 02 . 06 . 2017

    I purchased a SOG knife on ebay. But after seeing this post i think it is a counterfeit. The seller deals in lots of them.
    You have an image of the knife above in your post. It is the 7th one down with green on the handle.

    Here is a link to the ebay store.

  • IsaacB - 02 . 15 . 2017

    Saddening to see that the only "SOG" knives I have are fake. I bought them a while ago from a local collector/seller and just found out they're counterfeit. I bought the black one with the skull and the green one above (fake FA02 & FA05). I was looking to sell them, but now that I know they're not legit I certainly won't be doing that.