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Review: The Loadout Room - SOG FastHawk

11.18.2014 / By #TakePoint / In Gear, review, video

The Loadout Room author, Scott Witner, is a former Marine Infantryman. He has trained in California, Korea, and Japan and has cross trained with the Korean ROK Marines, French Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment, and the British Royal Marines.

His review of the SOG FastHawk is one of the more thorough ones available. It's supplemented with a video of what one would use a FastHawk outdoors.

"If you’re looking for an affordable tomahawk that can take a beating, fits comfortably into small spaces, and doesn’t add much weight to your load, then the SOG Fast Hawk Tomahawk is just what you’re looking for. To top it off, it looks pretty damn cool, too."


Read the full review at The Loadout Room.


  • Ruben Dalton - 12 . 21 . 2014

    I will own two sog fast Hawks. I also own many other sog products. My fast hawk black I use it for everything from throwing to checking the fire in the wood stove. I enjoy the sog products very much. I hope you continue to produce many more excellent products in the future.

  • #TakePoint - 12 . 31 . 2014

    Thanks! Just wait until our new products for 2015!