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SOG PowerLock saves the day!

06.25.2007 / By SOG Marketing / In SOG User, Tools

A quick story for you- I got into a hit & run with a taxi & BMW last week, and the driveshaft popped out of the truck I was in.  I needed to get the U-joint straps off, but didn't have one tool with me (except for the multitool). Those strap bolts are notorius for being hard little bastards to get out. With the compound leverage the SOG had, I was able to get every one of them undone. This is all while sitting sideways on La Cienaga while blocking two lanes of traffic while no cops came and no useful help arrived. I got the driveshaft out and was able to make it to my office in front wheel drive. They totally saved my butt, and I love'em!

-Jerrod Jones
Feature editor, Petersen's 4 Wheel & Off-Road


  • Craeg - 06 . 25 . 2007

    Whilst I'm the first to agree that the SOG compound leverage is brilliant...and it does work where everything else is likely to fail...
    I sometimes which the jaws opened parallel. There has been a few times where I've used an old set of parallel opening jawed pliers as an ad-lib adjustable wrench to save my butt in circumstances similar to the above.

    First company to make a multi-tool with parallel opening jaws gets my next purchase. I'd be willing to bet thats going to be SOG.