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The SOG PowerLock selected for tools article

09.09.2010 / By SOG Marketing / In twitter

The SOG PowerLock was selected to be a part of the Tools of the Trade Hands-On Hand Tools article. Along with the...


  • joseph lockhart - 09 . 15 . 2010

    Got the sog powerlock for 70 bucks at hd supply and i must say that it kicks my leathermans ass. all the features it has are amazing the wire cutters on it actually cut right through wire no problem and its got a wire crimper on it to do any neccessary wiring. also the can opener has a small screwdriver at the tip which makes takin apart small electronics and rewiring easy. The 1/4 socket piece is a sweet feature. Has everything a leatherman would have with extras and is a durable piece. The scissors it includes, i just trimmed my hair actually with them they are sharp as hell. Word to your mother, handle this thing with care or you might get hurt. Sharp pieces on it for sure. Overall for a basic leatherman like tool this thing rocks, and i think you guys should make more of them varying the tools included. And until Leatherman comes out with something this sweet at 70.00 bucks I recommend the SOG Powerlock over your standard leatherman anyday. i cant wait to use it camping and fishing as well!

  • joseph lockhart - 09 . 15 . 2010

    Okay, i didnt know that you guys had a wider selection of this type of tool. they all look sweet. haha well i cant really give a decent rating for it now but i still think it kicks ass over any leatherman ive had.