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Heat Treatment

There is more to knife performance than steel or blade profile. Perhaps the most important component is the heat treatment applied to the steel. Heat-treating steel will strengthen a blade. And generally speaking, the harder a blade - provided there is no embrittlement - the more abrasion resistant the steel will be and the longer an edge will hold. In fact, a good, solid heat treatment on a lesser steel often results in a blade that can outperform a higher grade steel with inferior heat treatment. It's that important.

That's why SOG has spent years perfecting our heat treatment process. We've even gone so far as to develop our Cryogenic Heat Treatment to provide superior edges. SOG's unique cryogenic heat treatment process slowly decreases the knife temperature to -300°F, then brings it back up to room temperature again. This process relieves the blade material on an atomic level, resulting in an overall increase in toughness and heightened wear-resistance. Additionally, knife edges stay sharper longer and demonstrate a significant decrease in micro-fracturing and edge-chipping.

It's this dedication to making your knife "SOG sharp" that helps set us apart from the rest.