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Kydex Sheath Information

Why Kydex?
Most all of SOG's tactical fixed blades come standard in all-weather Kydex sheaths. This line of patent pending scabbards has been carefully thought out and designed to exceed previous standards. They will be jump rated, quiet with minimal rattle, contain rub strips to minimize wear of the knife and its coating, have rigid belt loops for easier one-handed extraction, be ambidextrous, be easier to use, and be military belt certified with a device that fits over the belt and snaps. They also contain weep holes for water drainage.

Extracting your knife:
To pull your knife out easily, use your thumb to slightly press against and lift the lip on the sheath while pulling the knife out.

Adjusting Kydex Sheaths:
If your Kydex sheath needs adjusting you may send it in to our Consumer Services Department at SOG. Should you desire to adjust it yourself (and possibly void the warranty), follow these instructions. To loosen your Kydex sheath, take the "lip" tightly in your fingers and from the top, bend it slightly but firmly outward (about a third of an inch), holding it for about ten seconds, then checking the new tension with the knife. You may need to repeat this process several times until the desired tension is reached. It is conceivable to get it too loose by over adjusting. Beware when adjusting: You do not want to pull too far, or repeat this process for an infinite number of times because the Kydex can be over bent and the lip can either break or become ineffective. If you go too far and it becomes too loose, push the top of the lip inward (all the way down) and hold for ten seconds. Once you get it where you like it, then leave it there.

When mounting your sheath up side down or engaging in intense exercise, make sure to use the safety strap on the sheath for additional retention.

Kydex, especially when dirty, can scratch the finish of the knife or handles. This is considered normal wear.

If you have any further questions, please call our Consumer Services Department at (425) 771-6230, extension 240.