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Locking Mechanisms

  • Liner locks use a leaf spring built into the liner to lock the blade. It is a simple lock that is probably the most common. If not built correctly, liner locks suffer from excessive blade play and failure over time. They can also only be released from one side and are, therefore, not ambidextrous.

  • The Piston lock, or bolt-action lock, are very strong and easy to use. They employ a movable bar wedged between blade tang and knife handle to lock the blade. When pulled back against the spring tension, the tang is released.

  • The Cam lock, or arc lock, uses a pivotal block to lock the blade in place. Considered one of the finest locks available, it is ambidextrous, extremely strong, safe, and easy to use.

  • Lockback is one of the oldest locks in use today. A lever on the back edge of the handle catches in the tang of the blade and locks it. To unlock, one presses on the back of the lever. Ambidextrous and safe to operate, the Lockback can be a great mechanism that locks your blade very securely.