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Occasionally, knives and tools that cannot be sold as new, but are in "new" condition are sold as seconds at a deep discount. They may have small scratches or tooling marks, but nothing very noticeable visually and absolutely nothing that would impede the performance of the product. In some cases, the buyer might not even notice the blemish. In other cases, it may be more noticeable. There will be an assortment of items that did not pass quality control standards for brand new as well as items that have been slightly used and refurbished (bringing them to near-new condition).
Quantities are limited and are available only in person at our Lynnwood factory store and are not available for web or phone orders.

Please note that all SOG seconds are sold "as is" with the buyer fully knowledgeable that the blemish may be very minimal or more noticeable. There will be no selective handpicking of these knife purchases. The seconds stock can change daily. Examples of defects are shown below. No returns on these items will be accepted.

Examples of SOG Factory Seconds (magnified)

  • AN "X" Through the O indicates a second
  • Scratches/Scuffing on knife coating
  • Scratches ob blade
  • Thin or discolored TiNi coating

SOG's warranty is void on any factory second that you purchase. But remember, these knives are perfectly sound structurally. No flaw or blemish will affect the product's performance. Each second will receive a branding mark (an "SOG with an X inside the O," see images above), designating it as a second.