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SOG Lifetime Warranty

All SOG products including knives, tools, gear, and packs are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the item. Our products are designed to last when used as intended and properly taken care of. In the rare, unforeseen instance when something goes south, we want to make sure that you are taken care of. Any item that happens to be defective will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. All you need to do is get it back to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

We do have lifetime warranties, but keep in mind that this warranty does not cover an item that is damaged by misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, alterations, accident, or normal wear and tear as determined at our discretion. So don’t go using your knife as a screwdriver, your multi-tool to split rocks, or your pack to contain a wild hyena. In other words, use common sense and don’t do stupid things.


Should be maintained properly with routine cleaning, oiling, and sharpening. Blades are cutting utensils and are not for prying or other applications outside of its intended use. For more information on keeping your knife or tool in tip-top condition check out our Knife & Tool Care page.


If your pack has a hard-molded top and Hypalon MOLLE field, use the warranty form on this page for submitting a warranty claim.


If your pack does not have a hard-molded top pocket and Hypalon MOLLE field, it was made by TORG - The Outdoor Recreation Group, a quality gear manufacturer, under the SOG license. These packs have a lifetime guarantee by TORG. More information at or contact TORG warranty at 800.438.3353.

Take care of your SOG. SOG will take care of you.



SOG knives are designed and made to be used. Any knife being used regularly will need occasional sharpening. Unfortunately, we have not figured out how to make a knife that doesn’t dull. Therefore, SOG offers complimentary sharpening and service on all of our knives and tools. We will even cover the return shipping to get your newly refurbished and sharpened knife back to you.


Submitting a Claim

All warranty claims should be sent to the SOG headquarters prepaid, insured, and tracked. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages prior to arrival at our facility. To help us fully understand and file your claim, please return your item with this warranty form.

Sometimes if a product is beyond repair, we may not be able to replace it because it may have been discontinued. In this case, we can replace it with an in-stock item or gift certificate at the same MSRP value of the item being replaced.


Non-Warranted items & Non-Recommended Uses

Rusted, spotted, or stained blades or handles; broken or bent blade tips; worn tool components; scratched coatings or finishes; worn or torn TPR grips, sheaths, and pouches; and broken/lost thumb studs.

Fixed blades, folding knives, and tools are useful in a variety of applications and circumstances. While uses and applications for each blade and tool may vary, a general rule for most is not use it to pry. It is certainly tempting to do with given that it is an ideal size and shape for prying. A blade is designed specifically to hold an edge. The metallurgy of the blade and design of the pivot on a folding knife and multi-tool isn’t suitable to be leveraged laterally and could break when enough torque is applied. Additionally, the surface can be damaged and scratched by the material it is pushed against. It’s best to leave prying to crow bars and screwdrivers. Signs of prying may void the warranty.

Folding knives are designed to be portable utility tools and are made primarily for cutting and puncturing. While the abilities of your knife may vary by design and size, general guidelines do not recomment your folding knife for throwing, chopping, or pounding and they can weaken or break your knife's locking mechanism and pivot.


Returning Product for Warranty

Include the completed warranty repair form or a brief note inside your package stating the following information:

  • Name or description of Item being returned
  • Claimed defect and how it failed or sharpening request
  • Your name
  • Mailing Address
  • Daytime phone number
  • Email address to reach you in case we have any questions
  • If the item has sentimental value, please state that in the note. In some cases, items are replaced and we would like to know before we send out a replacement item.

Send Warranty Claims To

SOG Specialty Knives, LLC.
Attn: Warranty Dept.
6521 212th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036


Further Warranty Questions

If you have questions about anything regarding warranty, repairs, sharpening, or just want to call to say “Hi” and thank us for making such great products, we’d love to hear from you.

Phone: 425-771-6230
Toll Free: 1-888-40-KNIFE (405-6433)
Fax: 425-771-7689
Email: warranty[at]

SOG Specialty Knives, LLC reserves the right to change specifications, prices, and information on this website without notice.


SOG Unconditional Pocket Clip Warranty

Pocket clips can be broken if they are accidentally caught on foreign objects while wearing. To help prevent such occurrences, SOG recommends that you wear your knife in your front pocket, with the knife inside your pocket. If, for whatever reason, your clip bends or breaks and you would like to receive a replacement, fill out the Clip Request Form, or email/call SOG's warranty department. Damage to a knife handle because a clip has snagged is not considered "normal," and any such damage will be assessed under warranty. Learn more about replacing pocket clips in Knife & Tool Care.